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10 June 2015 @ 01:11 am

A journal of my life, my thoughts and words, my pictures, my experiences, thought i lack in many ways. It is a place where I upload random snapshots of my life, not to get sympathy, not to get attention, just doing what i like. It is somewhere where I get to rant and release my frustration, where I get to type down my thoughts. K-pop fandom, reality shit, photography, quotes, pictures. Like it or not, I don't care that much.

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16 March 2013 @ 03:49 pm
My greatest wish for you right now is that with that amazing, pure, genuine heart of yours, you fill it with love and concern for someone else. It's been great between the both of us and a part of me is still unwilling to let you go, but that'd be selfish of me to do so. I really liked you, you really liked me too, but things come and go, and it just so happened that timing wasn't on either of ours sides. So please, while I still care enough, maybe we should both let go, so that you may go and love a better person, one who isn't selfish, one who will reciprocate who will pluck at the silent and dusty corners of your heart with a single glance.